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Ahmedabad, Gujarat is indeed one of the best places to have garden weddings, for the beautiful city has the endless number of places and venues that can be transformed into a garden setting for a lovely wedding. Gardens have always held a lot of significance in the entire wedding charade. From your cozy little first date to the proposal, most of the romantic endeavors in your life could have something to do with gardens. It indeed is one of the classic and innocent places too, to showcase one’s, love.

The wedding ceremony can be outdoor or indoor, but for sure, you could have an outdoor reception as receptions are better outdoor, especially in a city like Ahmedabad. We’re most envied for the brilliant climatic conditions we have, why not take advantage of the same and use it for all the right reasons.

Garden weddings in Ahmedabad, Gujarat can be arranged easily as finding the venues may not be difficult at all. The safest bet would be to look for lovely hotels with pretty lawns that are nice and green and perfect for the crowd that you’d be inviting and set your date there.

The best part of it all is that you’d need very minimal marriage decorations for the garden serves the decor purpose by its mere existence.

You could look for gardens with canopies where the ceremony can be held, or you could set up the food there for your guests. Given that it’s a forest, you don’t even have to worry about getting flower decorations Even if you don’t have enough flowers to strew around the place, the natural ambiance of the place is enough to have one come back for more.

Have fun! Have a happy wedding!