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Planning a wedding need not be tiresome at all anymore! Leave it to us, the experts who know what they’re doing.

Weddings in India have become a crucial affair. Ever since time immemorial, the institution of marriage has held great significance, and this has made the process of weddings hold a lot of meaning too.

Wedding Decorations isn’t a trend that’s emerging or new to any of us. From the olden days, we’ve found decor to be the most important process in a wedding. The best part about Indian wedding decor is that every single process has a lovely backstory and a reason for it. For example, South Indian wedding considers banana trees as an important factor of decor. A part of it is placed at the entrance of the house and the mandaps, to symbolize auspicious beginnings. However, it has a lot more to do with auspicious beginnings.

The story dates back to several years ago, when our ancestors believed in the endless succession of offspring that the banana tree promised. Being an indicator to eternal life, the tree has properties stunning even today. Every part of the banana plant is usable. While the leaf acts as the plate on which food can be served, the rest have edible properties. Thus, several ancient beliefs can be backed up with enough facts and explanations for marriage decorations.
Keeping your tradition alive and also having a universally lovely looking decor may seem almost impossible to you. This is where WE (Janta Decorators), the decorators come into the picture. Having done our research about weddings and the significance of Tradition, we are definitely the best provider/decorators that you can find for your wedding this season.