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Indian Wedding Decoration Themes

The Mandaps (મંડપ , विवाह मंडप , लग्नमण्डप ) are the most beautiful elements in a wedding. It is a temporary porch that’s set up where the holy fire is set and the bride and the groom sit around it along with very close friends and family while the rituals are performed and the wedding takes place.

The sanctity and purity of the institution of marriage is enhanced with the setting up of the Mandaps, the place where the actual ceremony takes place. The place where you and your fiancée become man and wife. This place definitely needs a lot of dramatization, the more the better. Mandaps decorations are nice and fun to plan, especially if you have a wedding decorator helping you with this.

However, these are a set of collective ideas you could implement so you know that you haven’t missed out on any of the decorations possible for the beautiful Mandaps.

  • Use a lot of flowers.
  • Use drapes as satin always brings out a regal feel.
  • Make use of a lot of lights, be it serial lights or lamps, lights always illuminate the place well.
  • Make it more like a canopy, so that all the pictures look pretty.
  • Speaking of pictures, make sure your Mandaps is set up keeping in mind the pictures and the photography techniques. Make the Mandaps as photogenic as possible.
  • Use a lot of props, maybe bells, or even some festive lights. Bells create a lovely sound and also add to the rustic look.
  • Use regal looking furniture for the bride and the groom. It adds a lovely look to the entire setup.

If it’s an outdoor setup, make sure your Mandaps goes with the lighting. For example, if it’s a morning wedding, use light colors that reflect sunlight into the place.

You could also use lampstand and fluffy pillows if it goes with the entire look of the Mandaps.

Finally, theme it up, keeping in mind the general theme of the rest of the decor.